Phil’s Miscellany

How’s it hanging, MAPH?  I’m just popping in to brighten your day with a few nice thoughts and useful observations!

Observation the First: Coffee at the Div School basement is only a dollar a re-fill, or a dollar a small, or a dollar for an americano (with two shots), and UNLIKE ALL THE REST OF THE COFFEE ON CAMPUS, it doesn’t taste like Heinz Baked Beans cooked in a toaster set on 10!

Thought B.  MAPH IS 86% OVER!  (That’s if you count by days starting with the beginning of the first week of the colloquium and end with convocation, which, after you consider the way that labor tends to distribute itself over time in this kind of work, actually makes the most sense.)  So, woo hoo!

FINALLY, I was f***ing BLOWN THE F*** AWAY by how good the thesis presentations were at the panel last night.  You’ve really developed into scholarly thinkers, and I bet if you take a second to compare what you’re intellectually capable of now with what you could do 250 days ago, you’ll feel pretty chuffed!

All the bext,


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