Works in Progress

Hi current MAPHERS,

Here we are in the middle of week three of Spring quarter, and though it might not feel like it just yet, the end is in sight!  You have been trained, taught, and you know how to slog your way through the most pretentious and name-droppy-est of “conversations.”  In short, you are on the verge of mastering the Humanities!  So let me take a moment to make a pitch for one skill-set you might not have had the chance to toy with yet, but which is, for at least some of you, in-di-spensable to your future work.  That’s right: Presentation!

Most things in life that matter, be they court cases, job talks, or little romantic hiccups, require you to present complex ideas in a way that other people can understand.  As for the working world, and certainly (but by no means solely) academia, we’re talking about the difference between fame and fortune and the opposites of those things.  If you can’t present your ideas to an audience, you have a problem.

Now, the easiest way to remedy this problem is NOT to simply dive into high-stakes public presentation, though this is what happens to most people.  The easiest way is to present your work to a group of supportive peers.  And guess what?  That’s EXACTLY what we’re inviting you to do on May 3rd at 5:30pm!

So send in your work and ask for a place in the Works in Progress Event!  If you make the time now, it will benefit you immeasurably!

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