Making the Most of Campus Days


MAPHCentral would be remiss if we didn’t extend a warm web welcome to the newest crop of students.  I’m sure many of you are just tickled to be heading to Hyde Park this weekend (and you should be…though rain is forecast for Monday, kick-off day on Sunday is slated to be the nicest day of the year so far).  Congratulations to the prospective class of 2012, and we hope that you’ll be thinking seriously about joining us this Fall.  Though for the time being, it’s nice to finally be entering the spring.

So now that you’re on the way to town, how can you make sure to get the best experience out of your 48-hour preview of the MA Humanities Program?  Here are a few helpful reminders and tips

  • Ask questions of everyone.  We’ll have panels of current students, alumni, and faculty.  Staff and Preceptors will be milling around picking over the free food.  Essentially, we’re all here to answer the questions that you are bringing–about academics, loans, social life, food, health, weather, Lacan, whatever.  Just because you think that you’re coming to MAPH as a stepping-stone to PhD programs, don’t miss the chance to speak with alums about gap year plans and potential career changes.  The number of students who expect to apply to PhD Programs after MAPH might not be as high as you think.  We have alums all over the country and around the world doing things outside of the academy.
  • If you’re planning on applying to a PhD program after MAPH, try to attend a class.  Get a feel for grad life at UChicago, and definitely make sure to speak to individuals who graduated the program and are either enrolled in (or will soon be enrolled in) PhD Programs.
  • Read up.  AfterMAPH has been running various profiles and pieces on the resources available to alumni.  Keep in mind that a big perk of this program is the tight-knit and growing community of MAPHers in places you might not expect.
  • Get to know each other.  Arguably the most important aspect of MAPH during your time at the University of Chicago and afterward will be your comrades.
  • If you’re getting in on Saturday, do more than just explore Hyde Park.  Being at UChicago means having proximity to what some MAPHCentral Staff think is the greatest city in the universe.  If you’ve never been to “Chi Town” before, we suggest some of the basics: Millennium Park, The Art Institute, Pilsen, Wicker Park/Ukranian Village, and Wrigley.  Chicago is a city of unique neighborhoods.  There’s a ton to explore beyond campus.
  • Enjoy yourselves.  This is a great preview of what is, for many of our students, an incredibly important and formative year–professionally, academically, and personally.

We’re excited to meet you!  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any last minute questions.

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