Thar she blows!

Avast SeaMAPHs!

You’ve completed more-or-less two thirds of yer MA!  Congratulations to the lot a ya!  The end’s clearly in sight, and as I pass the wheel t’Amelia, I just want to pass on a few encouraging words about what’s left a the voyage ahead.

The worst’s behind ye, me maties, and those that haven’t lost yer wits’ll likely keep ’em, and those that have’ll have the chance to get ’em back!  As the warmer weather here abouts gets us all on deck more of’en, as the end of the thesis comes visible leaward, as the waters grow clear and the harpoons lighten in yer ever strengthen’n arms, the way itself’ll bright’n, I promise ye!

Fer now, here’s a thing t’keep yer perspective!

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