Don’t do anything!

Look at it!  Isn’t it horrible?  Isn’t it a disgusting SPACE PRISON!  This “building” (if it can so be called) is an excellent example of the psycho-neurotic architectural style known as Brutalism.  According to Ask Jeeves UK:

Theodore Dalrymple, a British author, physican, and political commentator, has written for City Journal that brutalist structures represent an artifact of European philosophical totalitarianism, a “spiritual, intellectual, and moral deformity.” He called the buildings “cold-hearted”, “inhuman”, “hideous”, and “monstrous”. He stated that the reinforced concrete “does not age gracefully but instead crumbles, stains, and decays”, which makes alternative building styles superior.[5]

Matthew Yglesias, a commentator at Think Progress, has argued that brutalist structures in Bostonsuch as its City Hall “sort of kill pleasant urbanist neighborhoods”.[6]

This fascistic monstrosity was design by one Walter Netsch, the mutilated result of what might once have been a human soul subjected to The Leenlau (boarding) School, MIT, and the US Army Corps of Engineers.  In addition to our beloved Reg, he is know for such stirring works of inhumanity as the (also space-aged) Cadet Chapel for the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Now that you have some sense of how this thing managed to excrementalize itself into existence, may I suggest that you deposit yourself within its carceral bowels post haste.  See it as your iron-clad defense against the sunshine, warm, and joy of the outside world.  Why go for a stroll,  sip your coffee as you take some time to consider all you have already accomplished this year, or leisurely eat a sandwich on a park bench when you could be adding your own small quantity of misery to the already unmanageable hideousness of the Joseph Regenstein Library?  Hmm?

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