SOooOoooOOOOOOoOO Chicago: A totally cliche night in LINCOLN SQUARE

Worth the hike

Lincoln Square feels like a cheerful little Chicago suburb.  That’s kind of what it is.  There’s no doubt that it’s pretty f’n far from everything, but a long escape from Hyde Park never hurt anyone. Lincoln Square used to be home to a big German immigrant population.  A few brauhauses still dot the neighborhood, and you’ll find one of the city’s largest Christkindl markets there in December.  In all,

Here’s a pretty generic evening to increase the happiness in your life.

A movie at The Davis Theatre: Shows before 6 PM are a paltry $5.50, and though the screens might cut off part of the frame (picture quality was sacrificed in exchange for more capacity a few years back), the seats are warmly worn and the crowd is friendly.

Dinner at The Grafton: A pub just down the street, The Grafton caters to local clientele and serves basic pub fare.  The selection of whiskey and the warm, dark ambience are perfect for the “relentless” part of winter.  You know, when it’s still cold and windy and rainy, and all you want is for the days to get longer.

Drinks at Huttenbar: It’s a German part of town.  Go grab a pilsnerbier and be merry.  Just be sure to only use one hand when you’re drinking.  Germans apparently don’t like it when you grasp a mug with two hands.  Don’t ask how I know this.  I just.  Do.

Getting There: Take the brown line forever.  (Just kidding, get off at Damen or Western on the Brown.  It can take as little as 45 minutes to get up there if you time the transfer from Millennium or the Bus the right way).  Keep in mind that your tour directors (mentors) are always able to talk about things up north to do to keep you sane…

5 thoughts on “SOooOoooOOOOOOoOO Chicago: A totally cliche night in LINCOLN SQUARE

  1. Maren

    This is close to my ‘hood and AJ leaves so much out. Happy Food Spot looks like a convenience store but you can buy crumpets there. Great coffee shops, skip Starbucks and go for The Grind, Cafe Neo or Julius Meinl. Bookstores, there is a little used bookshop and the neighborhood Book Cellar which also has coffee and readings.The old German deli is gone but Gene’s sausage shop has an amazing selection of European drinks, meats, teas, coffees and sweets, look for the big cow. Don’t forget the Old Town School of Folk Music for classes or a concert and if you go to the Grafton get the curry gravy for your chips.

  2. Maren

    And don’t forget the traditional German music at The Brauhaus and brilliant Brioche at Selmarie, plus lots of little shops and European shoes stores!!

  3. hilary

    also, no trip to lincoln square would be complete without going to mertz apothecary (4716 N. Lincoln). homeopathic and natural remedies for every illness you’ve ever imagined you have, plus so many amazing bath and beauty products in insanely beautiful packages. there’s a little version of the store in the loop too, but you really should go to the one in lincoln square. really!

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