SOOooOOOOoOOoooOO Chicago: A Totally Cliche Outing in Logan Square

Get there before he does.

It’s no secret anymore.  Or maybe it never was a secret.  In any case, everyone knows about Logan Square now.  But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get out there for a night on the town before every beardo in Chicago takes his be-tighted date to Longman and Eagle (which, btw, got a MICHELIN F*CKING STAR) for ironic PBR’s.  Sure, the Red Eye just did a huge profile of this exploding neighborhood.  I still insist: you don’t need to head south to Humboldt Park yet to have a totally, like, authentic Chicago outing.  Here’s what you can do in Logan Square that they didn’t talk about:

“Work from Home” – Or from New Wave Coffee, whichever you’re closer to.  New Wave has a hugely open space and is the rough equivalent of the neighborhood’s lower-key version of Wicker Park’s Filter.  If you want a smaller venue, Cafe Mustache opened more recently and is getting great reviews from totally legit Yelpers…

“I’m like, kind of an aspiring audiophile” – Retro tech is obviously now mainstream (the music industry grew in only one category last year: vinyl sales).  So head over to Saki to and take some Instagrams of yourself buying the new Black Keys pressing, you hipster.

Daytime Drinking is for the Unemployed – And boy does Logan Square have its share of blue-collar bars for drinks on the cheap.  Close to Saki is The Whirlaway Lounge, a damn good bar with damn cheap drinks a damn simple storefront and damn friendly staff.  And it’s on the way back from Saki as you head north on Palmer Square Blvd, one of Logan Square’s awesome tree-lined thoroughfares.

Where do I take My Date Before Drinks? – Definitely Bucket-o-Blood.  Just do it.

Sh*t, the wait at Longman and Eagle is Two Hours Long: That’s okay, the wait at Cafe Lula will probably only be an hour and a half!  You can’t go wrong with either of these haunts, but Revolution Brewing is reputed to have some solid fare and definitely has amazing beers.

Now I just need to see a show that I’m going to pretend to like because the band is local and the tickets were $5. Have at it.

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