Hyde Park Census Data

Just dots here, but check out the site.

Type one of Hyde Park’s zip codes (60637 works well) into the New York Times‘s “Mapping America” feature on the Census data, and get a  clear picture about how our neighborhood’s architecture, park boundaries, and the presence of the University itself starkly alter racial geographies.  It’s not exactly earth-shattering news–that is, not at all un-obvious–but once in awhile a clear graphic representation of realities on the ground can make even the obvious seem visceral in a different way.  Thoughts are always welcome…

2 thoughts on “Hyde Park Census Data

  1. Earl Ruffin Jr

    Population as of 2000
    White – 43.5%
    Black – 37.7%
    Hispanic – 4.11%
    Asian – 11.3%
    Other – 3.39%

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