Not a Jobless Recovery for YOU

If you start planning now, you won’t feel like this every morning on your commute.

New Year’s Resolutions abound at the start of Winter Quarter.  Harness your cliche instinct to be proactive in 2011, and start thinking more seriously about what comes after MAPH.  You will, one day, be done with MAPH after all.  Keep in mind that throughout all of this, you have resources at your disposal.  Don’t despair, and most importantly of all, don’t let your thesis and classes consume your entire life.  That is, distract yourself by thinking of all the cool opportunities out there for newly-minted MASTERS.  YOU WILL BE A MASTER.  If you haven’t yet checked out the CAPS site, it’s not too late to start exploring.

Across the next few weeks, while your primary task is to get into a rhythm with your Winter Classes, you should also be working on your meta-plans.  After all, many of you who arrived at UChicago thinking “PHD FOR ME!” may have already realized that academic inquiry is a black hole that will suck your soul out through your tear ducts with a swirly straw.  But even if you are not one of these people, thinking about a job after MAPH is a great exercise that will help improve your understanding of “what’s out there.”

MAPHCentral and CAPS continuously toil together to make sure that you have as many chances as possible to get in front of alumni, work on your resumes and cover letters, and feel confident about heading out into the (recovering!) job market.  Here are a few of the things to look forward to:

  • Career Core #2: GradUCon– The second event in the MAPH CAREER CORE series takes place on Friday, January 21 at Ida Noyes.  SIGN UP IN THE MAPH OFFICE.  If you sign up with us, we will register for you AND pay the registration fee.  The fee is otherwise $5.  We are paying your way because GradUCon is a great opportunity not only to develop your networking and job search skills, but also a chance to talk to alumni.  There will not only a full day of Career Panels and hand shaking, but also a much-swankier-than-you’re-probably-accustomed-to reception at the end of the day.
  • How to Network Brown-Bag Lunch: Nervous about greasing palms and talking about yourself?  Learn how not to be!  Lesley Lundeen will be holding a Lunch Talk (lunch not included) on Thursday January 20 on how to Network without sounding like a total tool.
  • Externships and Internships: Across the next few weeks, you will be receiving information about MAPH-Sponsored Internships, and MAPH Alum Externships.  Pay attention to these opportunities.  There will be a ton of organizations eager to work with MAPH students across Spring Quarter and this summer.  You will have a much better shot at getting these Internships and Externships if you stay abreast of career announcements, start reading the AfterMAPH blog profiles of MAPH alums, and visit CAPS regularly.

If you ever have questions, come visit us or email!  Everyone at MAPHCentral is on your side when it comes to finding something rewarding after this year!

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