SoOoOoOo Chicago: A Totally Cliche Night in ANDERSONVILLE

Hopleaf. Mussels and brews

A few blocks west of the Berwyn CTA stop, you can have yourself a totally hip-in-the-yuppie-sense kind of night in the adorable neighborhood of Andersonville (which, is still technically kind of Uptown, but it’s cooler to call it Andersonville).  A great one-two punch is dinner and drinks at Hopleaf followed by the Saturday evening performance of Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind at the Neofuturarium.

Hopleaf has two bars, and a zillion beers.  It’s cash-only at the tapless upstairs bar, but usually less crowded than the larger bar on the lower level.  For my money at a Belgian gastro, it’s got to be either Corsendonk Brown or the Maredsous 8, but at a bar like Hopleaf, it’s easy to try something new.  Don’t order a freaking Leffe.  That’s all I ask.  Splitting the Moules Mariniere and a side of frites is totally acceptable, and will only cost you 11 bucks each if you’re going Dutch.

After dinner, a little bit full of hops, head a few blocks to the Neofuturarium to catch the long running TMLMTBGB–or, 30 plays in 60 minutes.  Every show, the ensemble cast of TMLMTBGB attempts to preform 30 plays in one hour.  They write, produce, and perform all of these short plays (which last anywhere from 10 seconds to a few minutes).  There are lots of wacky rules and unsettling invasions of your personal space, and it’s all a great deal of fun.   Shows run at 11:30 on Friday and Saturday nights, but it’s not unusual for folks to start queuing up at around 10:30.  Make sure that you’ve got your Hopleaf beer jacket on as we get close to the winter months.

Warmed by the slightly schlocky performance, head back to Hopleaf afterward and stay till 3.  You’re in luck (or trouble) because Hopleaf is a 3 AM bar.  Take the Red Line back down south and catch the free UChicago shuttle back to Hyde Park at the Roosevelt stop.  The last bus leaves at 4:00 AM for HP.  See more information here.

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