Nap Map

But I am lez tiredzz…or maybe dead.  I can’t really tell, and I’m really sorry if this turns out to be a picture of a dead cat.

You’re on campus, you’ve got a huge block of time between classes, and you’re done with the reading for class.  Oh, and maybe you got, say, ten minutes of sleep last night.

But where oh where to catch some ZzzZzz’s?  Here are some great places for a power nap or productivity-ending/existential crisis-inducing/hair messing 3-hour REM sesh:

1) Harper Library: *Winner: most likely to wake up drooling on yourself not that that ever actually happened to me category*  Duh.  Pull up a big cozy chair in the Harry Potter Reading Room, and you’re out for two hours, easy.  Pull over two ottomans and you can lay down like it’s a Singapore Airlines flight in First Class.  Without the champagne.  Usually.

2) The Oriental Institute, Coffin of Meresamum: *Winner, best place to desecrate an already desecrated sacred artifact / get cursed category*  Free admission with your student ID, and there are hardly ever any guards around the Coffin.  I say, if Winter is already going to make you feel like the walking dead, embrace it.

3) The Social Sciences Tea Room: *Winner: Room that most feels like your grandmother’s house category* Off the beaten path a bit, and sometimes in use by various groups.  But this room is lit with golden sunlight and is usually heated to a coma-inducing 74 degrees in winter.  There are little bay windows that you can curl up in.  Best part is, it’s just upstairs from Core Lectures.  Just don’t pass out for too long.  You will almost definitely be kicked out by a Creative Writing department event.

More places to visit the Sandman after the jump…

4) Anscombe: *Winner: Most likely to wake up with swine flu category* Believe it or not, a nap can be had in the MAPH Lounge.  Crank up some music and pass out on the newly covered couches.  Just don’t forget to take your shoes off.  Because you know what happens if you fall asleep with your shoes on…..right?

5) Fourth or Fifth Floor of the Reg: *Winner: best reminder that you’re not going up north often enough category* Pull together two of the Reg’s regulation issue armchairs and fall asleep to majestic views of the Chicago skyline.  For a lot of MAPHers this is the closest they will ever get to visiting the Loop.


7) The Lounge Above Mandel Hall in Reynold’s: *Winner: Most likely to start snoring in the middle of some undergrad SciFi-MedievalRPG-Foucaultian-Deleuzian-Leather club meeting category*  There’s a fake fireplace up here and it’s usually totally vacant.  The trick is finding this place.

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