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Dear Maphettes,

It has come to my attention that it’s raining here in Hyde Park, and those of you new to the area might be feeling somewhat at a loss for where to go in order not to be at home.  Thinking strictly of coffee – see AJ’s former post for some Hyde Park attractions – there are a number of options locally.  Here is a list, more or less randomly compiled.

The Medici Bakery:  There isn’t much of a place to sit, and you might feel a little rushed, but the coffee is good and the food is excellent.  And when it’s not raining, you can sit outside, which is just fantastic.  Located on 57th and Kenwood.

Istria: There are two of these places, one is under the Metra tracks at 57th street, and the other is in the Hyde Park Art Center 5020 South Cornell Avenue and 50th street.  Both are good, the one at the Art Center is better for not running into folks you might know from school, and has more places to sit and stretch out.

Bonjour Bakery: Owned by the meanest French lady in Hyde Park, but the pastries are incredible.  It’s located at 1550 E 55th St (between Harper Ave & Lake Park Ave), and it’s a nice enough place to sit outside on a sunny day in warm weather.

Backstory Café:  This is a great place (when it’s open).  It keeps weird hours, so try and call first if you can.  On the other hand, it has some of the better coffee in Hyde Park, good food, and an environment that is as relaxed as possible.  It’s located at 61st and Blackstone.

Coming soon, Z&H on 57th, a deli/café that’s likely to be one of the best places around.


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  1. Crystal

    Istria in the Hyde Park Art Center is exceptionally MAPH friendly. Two of the Art Center’s staff are MAPH alums (including myself). Hope to see you all here!

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