And in case you’re thirsty…

Phil here, the mentor in the purple shirt in that photo of the three of us; I’m the one in the middle.

I’m just popping into let anyone who’s already here know about the best place to drink in Hyde Park if you’re new in town and not yet equipped with a Student ID, namely, Jimmy’s Woodlawn Tap at 1172 E 55th Street (and Woodlawn Ave).  Jimmy’s is the perfect mix of a student and a local bar: comfortable environment, friendly people, $2.50 pints of Miller Light, cheap bar food until midnight, and the music isn’t too loud to have a conversation.

There’s also The Pub if you’re willing to pay 3 big ones at the door.  The Pub is the official student bar for the U of C, located on campus in Ida Noyes Hall, at 1212 E. 59th Street, on the Lower Level.  When you get your Student ID you can pay $10 for the year and never worry about the cover again.

Finally, AJ wouldn’t let me get away with failing to mention The Cove, located at 1750 E 55th St (between Everett Ave & South Shore Dr).  The Cove, AJ’s favorite bar in Hyde Park, is a well lit establishment frequented by locals and stocked with two electronic dart boards.  It’s fairly cheap, fairly friendly, and a great place to watch any sport that happens to be on at the moment given its several TV screens.

Looking to drink-in?  Check out Hyde Park Liquors located in the Kimbark Plaza at 1214 E 53rd St (between Woodlawn Ave & Kimbark Ave).  This place is cheap and huge.  That’s basically all there is to say about it.

Please drink responsibly!


4 thoughts on “And in case you’re thirsty…

  1. ajaronstein

    Look, let’s not try to sugarcoat things here. The Cove is in absolutely no way friendly. But I challenge you to find another bar in Chicago (let alone Hyde Park) where shots of whisky come with a free side of beer. (Perhaps not coincidentally, The Cove employs the most forgetful bartender in the Midwest).

    Bottom line: Jimmy’s is great in small doses, but if you want to escape the proverbial UChicago BS and feel like having yourself a good old fashioned whisky drunk, The Cove is your place.

  2. hstrang

    You guys forgot the Falcon Inn. Not that I’m recommending it necessarily. Another option is, of course, to leave Hyde Park to have a drink. Just saying: it’s possible.

  3. ajaronstein

    Feel like Skyping in for Corientation Jamie? I can tell you what the hamburgers taste like.

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