From the New Mentors

Classics Quad in Summer…not a bad place to be

Hey MAPHers!

Just wanted to extend a hello from your friendly neighborhood Mentors.  We are excited for your arrival to campus and look forward to opening festivities.

Throughout the year, we hope that you will view us as a resource for, well, anything.  The three of us completed MAPH this Spring, and the experience is still fresh in our memories.  We can help you find answers to just about any question you might have about the Program, Hyde Park, UChicago, how to communicate with professors, and places to go up North and farther afield (coming blog posts, we promise).

As for the blog, feel free to start posting comments if you’re bursting with energy and anticipation.  We will answer any and all questions that you might have.  There are no stupid ones.  If you want to contact us directly, our email addresses are:

A-J Aronstein –

Amelia Pace-Borah –

Phil Stillman –

By all means, if you’re in Hyde Park already, come say hello in the office.  Remember that we’re in the Classics Building in Room 117.  You might be interested in the MAPH Facebook Page and/or following us on twitter at MAPHMentors.  (And of course, stay tuned for the MAPH eHarmony bio…)

For now, enjoy the summer, and bookmark Puppy Cam.  It will bring happiness in even the toughest time the whole year round.


Amelia, Phil, and A-J

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