Two Fun and Exciting Hyde Park Events!

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, and this weekend Hyde Park is celebrating the season!

Hyde Park Gardening Fair

Friday, May 14th (9:00- 6:00) and Saturday, May 15th (9:00-4:00)

Hyde Park Shopping Center (55th and South Lake Park)

This is the 51st annual Spring Garden Sale! It includes 10 plant departments (annuals, container plants, groundcover, hanging baskets, herbs, houseplants, perennials, shrubs-vines-roses, vegetables, wildflowers), as well as information about springtime planting, and more.  If you are planning a summer garden, or if you just love green things, it will be worth stopping buy.

61st Street Farmers Market

Saturday Morning (9:00-2:00)

Farmers have made an excellent start this year, the last few days notwithstanding, and we are incredibly lucky that the 61st street Farmers Market is among the first in the city to open! Instead of going to the grocery store, do your shopping at the Farmers Market this week.

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