What’s happening at Court Theater and the Smart Museum?

A photo from Sizwe Banzi is Dead

I took a different route to school this morning that took me past the Smart Museum and the Court Theater, and realized that I had no idea what was going on at either.  Both of these institutions are literally on the Uchicago campus and provide fantastic opportunities to view groundbreaking theater and art exhibits.

Here’s what’s going on right now:

Sizwe Banzi Is Dead at Court Theater

May 13- June 13

Master playwright Fugard and the actors of the original South African cast collaboratively wrote the story of a man who pretends to be dead in order to live. This searing exploration of identity and the political power of storytelling is presented in a new, intimate staging by Court Resident Artist Ron OJ Parson.

(Taken from the Court Theater website, www.courttheater.org)

The Darker Side of Light at Smart Museum

February 11- June 13

Although Paris in the 1800s is often associated with the art of Impressionism, with its light-filled landscapes and bustling boulevards, artists also probed the social and psychological depths of the period in more private media like prints, drawings, illustrated books, and small sculptures. This exhibition, organized by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, evokes the discreet world of individual collecting to tell a less familiar story of nineteenth-century art.

(Taken from the Smart Museum website, www.smartmuseum.uchicago.edu)

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