This Week Only: The Ocean is Practically Paying YOU to Behold its Magnificent Wonders!

The Shedd, Chicago’s funtimes Aquarium, is waiving general admission fees this week, and running discounts on special exhibit packages as well. Tucked away behind the Field Museum, the Shedd offers Chicagoans a chance to stare down sea creatures in a charmingly dry environment. Wave at a Wattled Jacana. Moon over a Moon Jelly. Make eyes at a Mangrove Whiptail Ray. Ogle a Goliath Bird-eating Tarantula (perhaps not the most sea creaturely feature, but really, I could pass up the chance to plug this guy?  I mean, the kid eats Goliath Birds [correction: there are no such things as Goliath Birds, unfortunately.  It turns out the Goliath Bird-eating Tarantula is huge, like Goliath, and also eats birds.  Again, he does not eat Goliath Birds, that might have been too awesome anyway] – that’s gotta be incredible, right?). Become besotted over a Bonnethead Shark. All for little to no money, all this week at the Shedd.

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