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Dear MAPH Students,

I don’t know how many of you have heard of The Point, but it’s a twice-yearly magazine started last spring by three Social Thought PhD students with the aim of providing rigorous but accessible essays on contemporary life and culture. One thing we’re trying to do is to bring well-known thinkers to bear on today’s world: connecting Facebook and Plato, seduction and Stendhal, the Creation Museum and Nietzsche, female slackers and Chaucer, etc. But the aim isn’t so much to popularize philosophical, literary and sociological thought as to have it emerge organically out of everyday experience; to provoke reflection rather than to lecture.

Our articles come from a combination of students, professors and professional writers. Last time we had an article by a MAPH alum, Marie Chesianuk, alongside pieces by Slavoj Zizek and Mark Lilla. The forthcoming issue features student essays beside those by Robert Pippin, Martha Nussbaum and Raymond Geuss.

Aside from inviting contributions from MAPH students in the future, The Point would like to invite you all to the second issue launch party on February 6th in Wicker Park. An awesome new Chicago-based band named Ornery Little Darlings will be performing; cocktails will be served in the first hour; fun will be had.

When: Saturday, February 6, 8:30pm–2am
Where: 1401 Wabansia Ave, Chicago, IL
How Much: Free for subscribers and anyone who purchases a $10 magazine ($5 with UCID!).
RSVP: or Facebook.  Or, send Julie an email with your name.

For more information on the magazine, full articles from issue one, and a preview of what’s in issue two, visit our (soon to be revamped) website at:


Jon Baskin
Jonny Thakkar
Etay Zwick

Editors, The Point

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