Your Social Committee is Awesome.

200px-Chicago_Bulls_logo.svgAccording to the newly searchable (this is so not related to MAPH but so totally cool that I can’t resist linking to it) Harper’s Index, 93% of teenagers in the world’s 44 largest countries can recognize the Chicago Bulls logo. I’ve included it above for reference. You probably would’ve recognized it even without the helpful text, huh? If people in Tanzania (which is currently the 30th largest) know it, so do you. Plus, the words do help.

Anyway, now that I’ve managed to work in my reference to Harper’s Index, here’s the actual, relevant-to-your-lives point of this post: your totally awesome social committee has begun to organize an outing to go see a Bulls game. We’ve got a date pretty much chosen, and we’re planning to charter a bus to get you there. You’ll have to buy your own tickets, but $10 tickets are available. More details will be coming soon via email, but you should definitely start getting excited now.

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