The Other Halloween Party

As you all know, All Hallow’s Eve, appearing this Saturday only, will be feted by your MAPH cohorts in high style and with high spirits.  Details on that will be out shortly.  However, we here at the MAPH office have been asked to alert you to another Halloween party event at the Gamma Alpha Grad Student Coop House.  I have appended, below, the invitation, and copied the mini-flyer as well.  Now, we know you don’t like playing favorites (though we’re also aware that we’ll always win), so, if you are feeling especially energetic on Saturday evening, we offer not another option – as we feel attendance at one does not preclude attendance at both – but perhaps one more stop.


Your MA[ligned]PH[anged] Mentors

Halloween.  As the year wanes and we brace ourselves against the gathering winter, Halloween is a day to reflect on the things we once held dear.  Socializing.  Drinking.  Wearing funny clothes.  Showing too much skin.  This year won’t you join us at GA in our remembrance of these forgotten traditions?


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