A new workshop!

A note from Prof. Levin on a new workshop he is sponsoring!

The newly constituted workshop in THEATER &
PERFORMANCE STUDIES cordially invites you to our
*inaugural meeting* next Monday, October 12. Come
join us!

We will discuss organizational matters, of course,
but will then turn to a discussion of a chapter
from Majel Connery’s dissertation (Majel is ABD in
Music and the Artistic Director of Opera Cabal —
and as such, she embodies the conjunction of
theory & practice that has inspired the workshop.)

“Peter Maxwell Davies’ Worst Nightmare: Staging
the Unsacred in _Taverner_ and _Resurrection_”

Monday, October 12
3-5p, Wieboldt 206
For more information, please visit our blog!


(The chapter can be downloaded at our blog or see
attachment. Please read it beforehand; we’ll
devote the workshop to feedback/discussion.)

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