Sick, Scared, or Upset? Know who to call.


Around the MAPH office, we all know the feeling of panic that’s likely to set in after your first less-than-stellar grade. And we’ll do our best to answer your questions about how MAPH works, from course scheduling to academic challenges to living in Hyde Park, but the truth is that we don’t know everything. We can give you a band-aid or an aspirin, but more serious illnesses are beyond our diagnostic skills. Lucky for you, the University has a whole hospital. Furthermore, the University of Chicago is big enough that they have people on hand to answer questions and handle all kinds of situations that we can’t (like, say, how to quit smoking or decode the rules and stipulations of your health insurance — though in either case, we’re happy to commiserate).

So when you need help, and you’ve got a problem that you suspect is beyond the scope of our capabilities, or if we’re closed, or even if you just don’t quite feel ready to tell us about what’s going on, resources are available to you. And you can find a clear, organized list of resouces at TN_8-3-07_4ga3We hope you won’t need them, but why not bookmark the site, just in case?

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