Fun and Exciting Tours!


The Library

Tomorrow, Liz will head up a group to tour the library. An informational discussion will be followed by field specific tours, led by field specific librarians.Everyone should meet up outside the MAPH office, find Liz, and head over as a group at 9:45 am.

Next Tuesday, 22 September, Julie will be manning the tour of the Smart Museum, a phenomenal resource for everyone interested in any close study of the University’s impressive art resources. Please gather with Julie outside the MAPH office at 9:40 am; everyone will, once again, migrate over as one large group.


Finally, on Thursday, 24 September, Drew will lead everyone over to the Cochrane-Woods Center for a seminar on the Visual Technologies Resources available to you as students of the University of Chicago. Again, the meet-up will be outside the MAPH office, and that time will be 10:40 am.


More information on all of these events can be found by clicking on them in the MAPH Calendar (which is up on the MAPH website).

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