The Fierce Urgency of Now!

A dialogue on health care and human rights.  This event is taking place next Saturday, September 19, from 2-5 PM at Access Living, 115 W Chicago Ave. Sounds like a  a fascinating line-up of guest speakers. Please see event information below.

Why has the debate over health care reform involved partisan politicians, media pundits, corporate interests, and hired agitators rather than the people? Why has the single payer option been demonized by the right, the media, and the liberal establishment? How does the broader crisis in health care in this country – clinic closings, epidemics of disease related to inequality and inaccessibility to care, indifference to wellness in our schools, our public services, the military – relate to the unwillingness to address growing economic gaps in our society and the abdication of public authority for the sake of private concerns? How can people in the United States learn from other communities about how to deliver care, promote wellness, and affirm the public interest, in order to achieve human rights, here and around the world?

Let’s have a dialogue…

Guest Speakers include:

Vijay Prashad
– activist, scholar, author of “Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World”
Matt Ginnsberg-Jaeckle
– with STOP, organizing to save mental health clinics and stop patient dumping by the U of C
Dr. Linda Murray
– leading public health advocate, Medical Director, Woodlawn Adult Health Center
Yalda Afshar
– public health advocate and practitioner
With various other local and national activists, community members, scholars, and practitioners.

The event will include a multimedia presentation on the state of the moment, a presentation on local to international contexts by invited speakers, and end with a Town Hall inviting Chicago folks on the ground and YOU to collectively reflect on, digest, and connect how the current struggle over health care– the debates, the longings, the mobs, the industry, the government– feeds off and illuminates the deeper social and political crisis we face.

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