Meeting with your faculty advisor

As many of you already know, you’ll be signing up to meet with your faculty advisor this week.  Whether or not you develop a strong connection with this person, it is extremely helpful to sit down with a faculty member whose interests will at least tangentially intersect with your own.  Here are a few little tips to make the most of this meeting:

1) Be prepared to say a few things about your plans for your course of study.  There is no need to have your year figured out; indeed, we don’t expect or even want you to.  That being said, your advisor will be able to help you best if you give her something to work with.  Going in with a few particulars will really give your advisor an idea of what kind of information will be most interesting to you.

2) Look through the course catalog and draw up a list of several courses that interest you.  Your advisor will be able to tell you about the professors and comment on their teaching style and interests.

3) Relax! This will be a fairly informal meeting.  The point is to get you talking to a faculty member who can answer your questions and give you an inside perspective of your department.

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