The Internets

internetI have been reminded, today, of the trials and tribulations of finding some way onto the online when one is only just arrived into one’s own new space.  If you know someone, or if you yourself are someone who is anxiously waiting on Comcast to come attach you to the morphine drip of instant informational gratification, and just need that quick fix to get you through the morning, you’re more than welcome to stop by the MAPH office in the Classics building where we have two, premium internet machines up and running.

If, however, the crushing demand for the internets spawns a massive line out the door, and you just happen to have a laptop banging around in your knapsack, then you can use your Cnet ID to hijack wireless from almost anywhere on campus – because ‘hijacking’ is always more exciting than, ‘taking advantage of one of the many splendid services your student fees and tuition have already paid for.’  Plus, if you wander over to campus, you can get a head start on the whole getting-to-know-thing by shaking hands with your lovely program staff here on 59th street.  We’re also good at answering questions (which I’m sure you’re all swimming in), so, there’s that as well.

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