Puppy Therapy


During this time, while the sun is still shining and the Hackencracks aren’t yet yowling, and you’re pining after your furry friends back home, it might be an entertaining excursion to take the red line up to the Montrose Dog Beach.  Heading east from the Wilson stop, it’s a straight shot to the lake shore and then a quick diagonal north and east across the parking lot and under the bridge where you’ll top a crest which looks down over an exuberant scene – countless, bounding pups cavorting in the shallows and leading their hapless human guardians a merry chase.  The entire beach is fenced in, and stretches perhaps a quarter mile (don’t quote me on that though, my sense of space is notoriously underdeveloped).  Old dogs lie in the sandy sunshine while just whelped pups tumble over their own feet.  At any moment one might look up and see a veritable flock of tennis balls arching over the water, and in the spray shaken off of shaggy coats, at any moment, I’m sure there’s a rainbow if you tilt your head just right.  Whether you have a wild one who needs space to run, or you just want a window on a wild pack of family dogs, the dog beach is not a bad place to spend some time.  However, if you see me there sprinting after a whipfast streak of copper, please don’t cheer her on; my pup’s mischievous enough without the encouragement.

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