Fort Red Border

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Kiki Petrosino is a MAPH alum who graduated in 2004.  She went on to pursue a degree at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and is coming out with a book of poetry this August entitled Fort Red Border.  Called a “brand new voice” by Cole Swensen, Petrosino describes the world around her in both lush and biting terms.  Robert Redford appears in many of the poems as a touchstone, an embodiment of what Petrosino terms “a cure for loneliness.”

Matt Hart, the editor of Forklift Ohio, gives Petrosino’s book a stellar review:

“With a loud smash and some seriously soulful ways, Kiki Petrosino’s first book, Fort Red Border (starring Robert Redford in a lead role as the book’s anagrammatic namesake and soulmate), comes charging out of the blue with valentines for everybody and a voice so ‘bitchfoxly’ that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it in the heart of your head wound. Beautifully oddball, with moxie for miles, these poems are by turns strangely touching, wonderfully alarming, and formally/syntactically nervy: ‘Kneel down the dead face go down kneel down dead I kneel down’; ‘God has spider skin and lives in secret trees’; ‘Redford lifts his spoon, considering / the loose pyramid of Asian jungle fowl / on his tray.’ Hooray for Kiki Petrosino and Fort Red Border! Its smart choreography and very special effects make for an amazing first collection by one of poetry’s finest secret ninjas!”

This biography is taken from the Sarabande Books website. The site also includes more reviews of Petrosino’s poetry, some excerpts from the book, an interview with the author, a collection of questions the author poses to the reader about her book, creative writing exercises, and a suggested reading list.

Petrosino was featured on the “Best New Poets” blog last week:

Several of Petrosino’s poems are available on “La Petite Zine”:

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