Hyde Park Survival Guide

In the absence of Bear Grylls, I will have to be your advisor for survival in the (jungle? desert? tundra?) of Hyde Park.  Here are a few tips for getting comfortable in the neighborhood.


Best restaurant: Nile Restaurant, 1611 E 55th St.  Great Mediterranean

Groceries: Treasure Island, 1526 E 55th St.  The biggest grocery store in Hyde Park. It is also part of a shopping complex that includes a Walgreens, a pizza place, an Office Depot, and a Potbelly’s.

Hyde Park Produce, 1226 E 53rd St.  Good food at a reasonable price, excellent deli.

University Market, 57th St next to Medici.  Good for quick shopping trip, snacks.

Office Supplies

Office Depot, in the shopping complex on 55th.  University Bookstore, Ellis.  Also has a Starbucks and…books.Walgreens, in the shopping complex on 55th.  Not an extensive collection, but good for immediate needs.


6 Bus: The six bus leaves from 59th and Stony Island, turns onto 56th, and then drives up Hyde Park Blvd and onto LSD.  It’s a good, quick way to get downtown if you leave east of campus.

171, 172 Busses: These busses are free for U of C students.  Just show your card.  They make circuits around Hyde Park and to the University.  They’re nice if you don’t like walking to class in the winter.

55 Bus: This bus runs up and down 55th and is a good way to get to the el.

Green Line: This is the most accessible train line for most students.  There is a stop on Garfield and the 55 bus stops there.  It’s a bit sketchy late at night, but not bad in the morning.

Red Line: The red line is also on 55th.  It is farther from campus, but most people consider it a safer alternative to the Green Line.

Metra: Some people prefer the Metra to go downtown.  It runs faster, and for many people is most accessible.  There are stations at 59th, 57th, 56th, 55th, and 53rd, and 51st.  All the stations are between Hyde Park Blvd. and Lake Park, except for 59th, which is closer to Blackstone.  The Metra is slightly more expensive than the el, depending on where you’re going.  It’s also a bit of a pain to make transfers on the metra, so it’s best for one-shot trips.  Also, the Metra runs much less frequently than the el.  To check the schedule, go to metrarail.com.  The line that runs through Hyde Park is the Electric Line.

That’s it for now! We’ll keep an eye out for other survival needs.

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