Administratively Yours: Keep your personal info secure

CautionFor many of you starting MAPH also means moving to a new city, new bank, and a host of other new things. These days, that means new passwords and usernames for all kinds of things. That means it’s a great time for me to remind you to choose secure passwords and good challenge questions for when you inevitably forget one of those secure passwords (not that y’all haven’t heard much of this before.

In the age of Facebook, blogs, and the myriad other places we share information about ourselves it is especially important to be aware of the personal information we put on the web when choosing those challenge questions. As you may already have noticed, the amount of stuff Google knows about you can be scary.

If you want to refresh yourself on steps you can take to protect yourself online as you set up your uchicago and other online accounts, stop by the NSIT safe computing web-site.

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