Adventures in babysitting (or petsitting)

Winter quarter is certainly upon us: the skies are gray, thesis proposals are looming, library visits are frequent and seemingly interminable. But not to worry! Spring is coming…eventually (I mean, hey, it’s light at 5pm now!) and when that Spring comes and you can frolic in the streets out among society once again, you may find your pockets to be just a wee bit empty.

But where can one find a reliable cash flow to work around your very unruly schedule? (think things that are legal)

This is where the website comes in handy. This website allows you to fill out a personal profile and receive job postings based on your interests and location about people in need of childcare, pet care, senior care, and home care! It’s a bonanza of paid care-giving opportunities! Applying for jobs is easy– all you have to do is reply to the posts that people create that are in need of services. The site makes it easier to find work without having to search want ads or pray that Joan sends another email about a professor that needs someone to watch his/her child. This site also lets you pick and choose what types of jobs you want– some people are looking for regular sitters or pet walkers a few times a week, while others post for that emergency Friday night that they need someone ASAP.

So, when that moment comes when you have the time to take a leisurely stroll down Michigan Avenue (it will come, I promise!), now you will have the cash money to accompany that trip (or you can just use the money now on your weekly visit to Jimmy’s).

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