Oh la la, Au Bon Pain!

It may be that time, dears. That tasty dish from the Snail that you buy at Cobb has lost its charm; you’ve eaten altogether too many pieces of pizza from Hutch Commons; you just want to grab a bite but the U of C’s only decent array of fare-purveyors are melting into mediocrity, as far as your stomach is concerned. The thrill is gone, baby.

NEVER FEAR! Oh emm gee. Did you know there’s an Au Bon Pain on campus? Yeah there is! It’s been a nice change for me at least, ever since I discovered it this fall with a fellow afterMAPHer. There’s 12 kinds of soup, lots of yummy breads, fresh fruit, salads, wraps, sammiches, and *candy* (I’m a fan of the chocolate covered almonds). It’s not the cheapest place ever (a full lunch’ll set you back $6-$10), but sometimes you need a treat. Right?

It’s a wee bit tough to find: it’s in the University of Chicago Hospitals complex; specifically, the second floor of Mitchell Hospital (on the southeast corner of E. 58th St & S. Maryland Ave). Mosey on past the Barnes & Noble Bookstore and hang a left onto Maryland Ave. Enter the first door on your left and take the funky black stairs (also on the left) up to the second floor. And you’ll see its hallmark sunshiney yellow enclosed by some weird plexiglass cubicle in the middle of a waiting room area. Oh, focaccia. Oh, Corn & Green Chile Bisque.

Three cheers for alimentary amelioration!

Bonus: for those of us who a) are kicking ourselves for not being Citibank customers (I just got cash out of the Reynold’s Club atm–$3 fee, so painful), and b) are Chase customers, there’s a Chase atm up there, woo!

Potential hazard: If you’ve ever studied French, you may have to deal with the fact that the general public pronounces the name of this place something like “aw bonn payne.” It’s kind of cute. You’ll want to, too.

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