Check this Out: Theatre recommendation from MAPHAlum

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on a really cool play that a
friend of a friend is producing on the North side of Chicago.

Bad Guys in Suits by: Josh Zagoren
music by: Josh Zagoren, Mike Powers and Dan Pearce

Featuring: The Panda Feathers
The play is running until November 17th, so if you need a break from
Hyde Park I would suggest checking out the play. It shows on Thursday,
Friday and Saturday nights at 10:30. Don’t let the time dismay you
because it is near a bar and a vegetarian friendly restaurant! It is
playing at the Boho Theater at Heartland Studio, 7016 N. Glenwood Ave.
It has been getting great reviews, so check it out if you are into
theater or if you don’t want to spend your evening drowning in MAPH work.

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