Administratively Yours: Autumn week 1

Welcome to the first installment of the MAPH office’s weekly (more or less) announcements of administrivia and other things you’ll be glad you knew about before the jumped up and bit you. This week we have for you:

  1. Health Insurance election deadline is October 5th
  2. Drop/Add is in full swing, details you should know after the jump
  3. Preceptor and Co-Director Autumn office hours are on the web

Health Insurance Election by October 5th

If you are not electing to have the default student health insurance, you must make your health insurance selection by the 5th of October, this coming Friday. You can do this by visiting the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance plan web-site.

Unless a student makes a SASI coverage selection or waives SASI enrollment during the enrollment period, the student will be automatically enrolled in the SASI Basic plan and the Office of the Bursar will bill you accordingly. The enrollment period ends at 5:00pm on Friday of the second week of your first quarter of registration during the plan year.

Drop/Add time is here, but not forever…

TIP—Getting the instructor of the course you are adding to sign the “Instructor Approval” line next to the class on your card is a good insurance policy to make sure that your request goes through on the first try. With that signature, you will be added to the class even if it is full.

Preceptor and Co-Director Office hours available on the web

This one’s pretty simple. You can find the times your lovely leaders will be holding their office hours on the MAPH office hours web-page. Office hours are held in the respective MAPH offices of the individuals in question, unless otherwise noted, and updates to these times may be made from time to time.

Sign up sheets for the Co-Director’s and Jeff McMahon’s are at my (Braden’s) window in the MAPH office.

Administratively yours,

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