Get Ya Caffeine On at the Reynold’s Club

Get Ya Caffeine On
This Week: The Reynold’s Club

The Reynold’s Club is on the corner of 57th and University and is a student union of sorts. It’s got several offices, study areas, and places to eat and get coffee. On the weekends they have copies of the NY Times hanging around (not that Linda has ever taken a Sunday edition home before, or every Sunday…). Here’s the run down Linda and Margaret style:

~C-Shop (Einstein Bagels): first floor
Linda says: It carries all the things on an Einstein Bagel’s menu (delicious bagels, sandwiches, and honey walnut cream cheese) as well as their coffee and espresso drinks. The coffee is not my favorite but they do offer flavored coffee if that’s your thing. They also have a small selection of tea. C-shop is one of the few university cafes open on the weekend and is handy if you are using the Reynold’s club as a study space (which I recommend on Sunday mornings, especially). There are numerous tables and plugs for laptops. The service is not always the friendliest in my experience, but it’s convenient and a good place to get food and drinks when you need them. On Wednesdays they have $1 milkshakes. Lines may be long, but worth it.

Margaret says: The raddest part about the C-shop is the booooooths. Colorful tiles and lots of room to spread out your articles, books & laptop. I took a break from the Regenstein many a time for a productive afternoon tap-tapping away on my thesis here. The bustly atmosphere is lively but not too loud or distinct (it fades away to become white noise once you’re in the zone). When it’s nice out, you can grab something and head for the tables outside in the courtyard. One bummer: if you get all set up and have to pee, the bathroom is a ways away and you really shouldn’t leave your laptop out in such a busy area, eh? Oftentimes, other people are camping out, too, and are happy to keep an eye on things, as long as you don’t, like, take the sports section to the bathroom with you.

~Hutchinson Commons: first floor
Linda says: Contains a number of eateries including Subway, Tortilla’s Express, Miso Noodle Bowl, a pizza place, etc, as well as beverages and other snacks. Open until 10:30 during the week. Here there are plenty of large tables for when you need to spread out. There can be quite a bit of noise during dining hours, but it is fairly quiet on the weekend and nothing your iPod won’t drown out. Tables for spreading out in deep silence, accompanied by wonky heating and cooling systems, are available across the hall in the McCormick lounge.

Margaret says: Good for grabbing a bite when you’re on the run. Not the greatest food ever, but you can get a decent slice of pizza here, or a yummy calzone, or some sub-par sushi, or a yogurt parfait, or a Subway meatball sub (yum). Not anything I call home about, but a decent purveyor of foodstuffs. The tables in the Commons are nice and big, but can have food crud on them– I usually found myself just staying long enough to eat.

~Hallowed Grounds: second floor
Linda says: Located upstairs in Reynold’s. Has cheap coffee and espresso, specials on drinks, a large study space, and some decent food from nearby eateries, but, like the Cobb Coffee shop, you remain at the mercy of the music tastes of the barristas. They have Happy Hour here from 5:30-6:30 with 30 cent sodas/pops and 50 cent cups of coffee. I enjoy the little seating area just outside the coffee shop– it has nice comfy chairs and you can open up the window and pretend like you’re part of the living world, and maybe even catch a glimpse of sunshine.

Margaret says: I was superpsyched to find this, because its vibe reminded me of the independent coffee shops I frequented in my undergrad days at Madison. It’s more of a relaxed, novel-for-class reading atmosphere– they have pool tables, and one of the R.C. custodians is a pretty bad-ass cue baller. Great candy selection (yes, I notice these things), but the pickings of food from local eateries tends to be slim or old. Big old couches, really awful undergrad art work (and some good stuff, from time to time), booming music, good.

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