Filling the College Sports Void in Your Life

Your college’s sports in places other than your college….

I came to U of C from the University of Michigan. While we took our education very seriously, we also took our college sports (especially football) equally as seriously. Since U of C lacks that college sports element (refreshingly so, in most cases), if you are looking to fill that college sports fan void in your life, Chicago is filled with bars that have certain college affiliations. I highly suggest that if you enjoy college sports to go watch your favorite team, unless you’re an Ohio State fan, then you should just sit home and question your life (I had to get at least one OSU jab in! I expect many UofM disses to come in lieu of their current season…) Here is a quick run down of Big Ten bars plus the Notre Dame bars. Feel free to leave your opinions, positive and negative, plus any bars I may have left out that are great for game-watching. And while I appreciate rivalry, let’s keep all rivalry remarks in a non-vicious format:

Merkle’s – 3516 N. Clark
Kendall’s – 2263 N. Lincoln
Brownstone – 3837 N. Lincoln
Joe’s – 940 W. Weed St.
Schoolyard Tavern – 3258 N. Southport

Joe’s – 940 W. Weed St.
Hi-Tops – 3551 N. Sheffield

Merkle’s – 3516 N. Clark
Sedgwick’s – 1935 N. Shedgwick
Goodbar – 2512 N. Halsted
Gaslight – 2426 N. Racine

Duffy’s – 420 W. Diversey
Mad River Bar & Grille – 2909 N. Sheffield

Michigan St.
The Gin Mill – 2462 N. Lincoln
Tin Lizzie – 2483 N. Clark
O’Malley’s West – 2249 N. Lincoln

The Ivy – 3462 N. Clark

Mullen’s – 3527 N. Clark

Ohio St.
John Barleycorn – 2142 N. Clybourn
McGee’s – 950 W. Webster
Casey Moran’s – 3660 N. Clark

Penn St.
Flounder’s – 2201 N. Clybourn

Durkin’s – 810 W. Diversey

The Waterhouse- 3407 N. Paulina
Will’s Northwood Inn – 3032 N. Racine
Redmond’s – 3358 N. Sheffield

Notre Dame
Wrightwood Tap – 1059 W. Wrightwood
Kincade’s – 950 W. Armitage
O’Donovan’s – 2100 W. Irving Park

here’s a link from Metromix about their favorite college sports bars

2 thoughts on “Filling the College Sports Void in Your Life

  1. Anna Taylor

    Hey guys,

    While I’m new to the Big 10 sports scene (I grew up on SEC and was married into the Big 12), I do know there are many bars around Chicago that offer game day viewing for other divisions. The best way I’ve found to track those down is to search alumni sites via chicago (“ou alumni in chicago” or “lsu alumni in chicago” for instance). They provide all the information that you could need to get your fix this season and meet up with some people that understand the quirks of where you come from.



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