Get ya’ Workshop On

Get ya’ Workshop On

by Alex

Workshops are a great way to get a sense of what current graduate students are working on, and the kinds of questions that faculty and students are asking each other. Early in the year, attending workshops in your field can help stimulate thinking about your own thesis topic. Later in the year, workshops are a great way to be active in a department by participating in ongoing conversations. The link below will take you to a list of workshops that encourage open attendance by graduate students. From this list you can find workshop descriptions and information about meeting times, and you can also join workshop e-mail lists.

But be careful, a little workshopping goes a long way! There are way too many awesome workshops going on for any one person to attend, and time is of the essence to a MAPH student. So, look closely at the workshop descriptions to decide which workshop is most worth your time expenditure. If you are interested in multiple workshops (and how could you not be?), you can always join their e-mail lists to keep in touch with what is happening in each workshop on a week by week basis.


2 thoughts on “Get ya’ Workshop On

  1. Braden

    Hi Kate,

    I’m guessing you clicked on a link for one of the workshops. The workshops themselves maintain each of those sites separately and the Council on Advanced Studies just collects the links for their page (as far as I know), so your mileages may vary with each individual workshop page. Generally the best thing to do with workshops is get on their mailing list—we forward alot of those emails through the maph-etc list as well—since that is usually where the most current information is at the moment. I’ve heard murmurings about a better system, but nothing concrete yet, so for now the mailing lists are the surest bet for knowing what is going on in the workshops, getting the papers being discussed, and finding out when and where they will be meeting.

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