Get MAPHing! Getting your MAPH on is officially launched

MAPH 2007-2008 is in the thick of Colloquium– name tags are being worn; hands are being shaken; and names are being said, repeated, forgotten. Since MAPH is an intensive one-year program, it’s in your best interest to put your heads together with all of the other interesting, inquisitive, intelligent people in your year in order to get acclimated to all the U of C– and the city of Chicago more generally– have to offer you.

That’s sort of what we’re hoping Getting your MAPH on will accomplish– this is a forum where we on the MAPH staff (mostly your friendly mentors, Linda, Alex, & Margaret) will do our best to give you our inside information about practical matters (where’s the best place to find vegan cream cheese?), give you heads up about goings-on around campus and around Chicago, and post info on other kinds of things like conferences, job opportunities, volunteering, art shows, ETC.

We hope you’ll contribute, too! Just shoot us an email– you can write something short or something long: op-ed pieces, something funny (or insightful) a professor said, pictures, poems, the recipe for your mom’s meatloaf… You can also use the blog to coordinate social events: put up a post to find people to go to a show at the Empty Bottle with, watch the game with, check out a certain neighborhood, a reading, whatever. (Go to the “Contribute!” page for some more guidelines.)

You’re getting your first MAPH writing assignments on now, oh joy. The party’s only just starting.

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