A Motley Mix of Weblinks

A Motley Mix of Weblinks (some more helpful than others)
by Linda

Here’s a collection of websites that I have found helpful. Many of them are posted elsewhere on University and MAPH sites, but here they are all in one place.

Websites affiliated with the University of Chicago:

Like most online marketplaces, here you can buy, sell, and exchange goods with the added bonus of having the security of only dealing with U of C students or others with U of C computer access. A good place to look for roommates, books, furniture, electronics, jobs, etc. Most postings are in Hyde Park so you won’t have to travel far to complete your transactions.

Ever wonder what the University does with those student evaluations you fill out at the end of each term? Turns out they publish them on this website. You can search through classes and professors and get a feel for what other students felt. While the opinions of the students may not always be the same as yours, it’s nice to get a general idea of a class/professor and the expected amount of work and level of discussion.

This site belongs to the Student Care Center. It helps you with all health related things whether you need to make a doctor’s appointment, learn about nutrition, or sign up for a workshop on stress management.

The Career and Planning website link can also be found on many of the MAPH web pages but I thought I’d also put it here since it is particularly useful. This website gives advice and examples of CVs, resumes, cover letters, etc. There is also a special grad student section that provides resources on both academic and non-academic job searches. CAPS is a great resource and can help you with any aspect of the job and/or academic search.

Non-University Sites
Here are some helpful websites about Chicago and its opportunities. Because they are not endorsed by the University I cannot account for everything that is in them, but they do offer some helpful information when traveling around and living in the city.

This is the CTA website. It provides up to date information on the trains and buses including route changes and construction updates. Another helpful thing about this site is the trip planner. It allows you to type in your starting and ending address and gives you several options of how to reach your destination via buses and trains.

If you are not already familiar with craigslist it is an online marketplace selling anything you can think of. It can be extremely helpful but also frustrating. Use it cautiously to beware of scammers and weirdos

Chicago Publications:

Free Newspapers:
The RedEye is a free publication you will see circulating about the city and is published by the Chicago Tribune. It gives news snippets mostly on the local level and gives a lot of entertainment news and happenings in and around the city. The RedEye will also satiate your daily need for a crossword puzzle (or at least mine). The RedEye has also extended their distribution to the weekend, but you can only get this if you sign up for free weekend delivery. It might not be the NYTimes, but it will keep you occupied for at least a little while as you drink your morning coffee and make your morning commute.

The Chicago Reader is another free publication and it comes out every week on Thursdays. It’s a great inside guide to the city, focusing on restaurants, music, nightlife, and has a large apartment listing section. The Reader also has a section on “Missed Connections” in which I indulge once in awhile…

Hoy is a free paper marketed towards the Latin American community. It is all in Spanish and comes out each day. The circulation of this paper is fairly wide, and you will find many newsstands for it especially on the South Side.

New City is another weekly paper with entertainment and event guides to the city. It also has features on Chicago destinations as well as events taking place.

Not Free News Sources:

Probably one of the most widely circulated papers in Chicago and one of the oldest.

The Defender is the oldest African American news publication in Chicago and has been in circulation for over 100 years. (If you’re a dork like me, it’s interesting to look at the historic issues of the Defender and the Tribune side by side. These can be accessed through U of C’s library)

The Sun Times is another daily news source.

Other Media and entertainment guides:

Like most major cities, Chicago also has a Time Out magazine that is published every week and hits newsstands on Thursdays. This magazine hits on EVERY (well almost every) event going on in the city and even some of the suburbs. There are feature articles and reviews as well as lists of new restaurants, museum events, outdoor events, free entertainment, concerts, new stores, CTA updates, etc. If you need something to do or are hosting guests for the weekend, look here for ideas. There are plenty!

Metro Mix provides information on restaurants, clubs, bars, and other sources of entertainment in the city. It gives reviews and also provides reader reviews of places. This will help give you general idea of what certain places and venues are like as well as price ranges and menu items.

While this is not really a guide to the city, Pitchfork is a media review guide that is based in Chicago. It does features, news, and reviews on music and videos with a very particular snarky style. It is a great guide for all things musical and will keep you in the know and maybe even feeling cool. Pitchfork also puts on a great music festival in Chicago every summer. Keep your eye out for it come Spring time.

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