Oct 31 2012


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  • “Patterns Taken for Wonder: Computational Approaches to Global Modernism” (Long and So, Modern Language Quarterly, forthcoming Summer 2016).
  • “Literary Pattern Recognition: Modernism between Close Reading and Machine Learning” (Long and So, Critical Inquiry, forthcoming Winter 2016).
  • “Fog and Steel: Mapping Communities of Literary Translation in an Information Age” (Long, Journal of Japanese Studies, Summer 2015). Color figures available here.
  • “Network Analysis and the Sociology of Modernism” (Long and So, boundary 2, Summer 2013). Color figures available here.
  • “Network Science and Literary History” (Long and So, Leonardo, Summer, 2013).


  • “Literary Pattern Recognition: A Machine Reading of Modernist Form” (Cornell University, November, 2014) [Presentation by Long]
  • “Provincial Cosmopolitans and the Literary Network of the Americas” (Data as Critique Conference, Chicago, May, 2014) [Presentation by McEnaney]
  • “The Haiku Meme: Imitation and Influence in American Modernism” (Modern Language Association Annual Conference, Chicago, January, 2014) [Presentation by Long and So]
  • “Who is Thomas Curtis Clark? Modernist Networks of Exclusion” (Modern Language Association Annual Conference, Chicago, January, 2014) [Presentation by Long and So]
  • “Global Literary Networks and the Problem of Scale in Digital Humanities.” (Histories of the Japanese Book: Past, Present, Future. UC Santa Barbara, June, 2013) [Presentation by Long]
  • “Toward a Sociology of Modernism: Network Analysis and Avant-garde Poetry in Japan” (Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, San Diego, March, 2013) [Presentation by Long] Paper is available here.
  • “Network Analysis and Literary History: Making Social Sense of Bibliographic Metadata” (Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science, University of Chicago, November, 2012) [Presentation by Long]
  • “Network Analysis of Modern Japanese Poetry: Methods and Tools for Exploring Literary Influence and Affiliation” (2nd annual Japanese Association for Digital Humanities Conference, University of Tokyo, September, 2012) [Presentation by Long]
  • “Comparative Literature and Network Analysis” (China After Comparison Workshop, Pennsylvania State University, September, 2012) [Presentation by So]
  • “Network Analysis and Literary History” (Leonardo Satellite Symposium at NetSci 2012 Conference, Northwestern University, June, 2012). [Presentation by Long and So]
  • “Literary Criticism, Network Analysis: Towards a New Sociology of Literature” (boundary 2, Spring Conference, UCLA, May, 2012) [Presentation by Long and So]
  • “Network Analysis of Modern Japanese Poetry: Theory and Tools” (Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science, Chicago, November, 2011). [Poster session by Long, Leonard, and Keith Brisson]
  • “Mapping Influence and Affiliation in Japan’s Modernist Poetic Networks” (Network Analysis for the Humanities Conference, UCLA, October, 2011). [Presentation by Long].

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