Jul 23 2015

“Fog and Steel” Figures

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Figure 1-1. “Translated works” indexed in “Gendai-shi 1920-1944.”


Figure 1-2

Figure 1-2. “Translated works” as a percentage of all indexed works.


Figure 2. Network of translated works as related by journal publication, 1921-33. Click on the figure to explore an interactive version of the network.


Figure 3

Figure 3. Carl Sandburg and three of the top translated poets in the network.


Figure 4

Figure 4. Sandburg’s translations split into two groups: “poetical” (green) and “propagandistic” (red).


Figure 5

Figure 5. Translation communities map, 1925-1932.


Figure 6

Figure 6. Translated works by region of origin.


Figure 7

Figure 7. Translation communities map, 1932-39.


Figure 8

Figure 8. Translation communities map, China, 1925-1929.

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