Feb 06 2017

New Search Interface for Aozora Japanese Literature Corpus

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Every scholar and student of modern Japanese literature is familiar with the Aozora Bunko Digital Library. It is an open source collection of over 12,000 texts that includes fiction, poetry, essays, and dramatic scripts, with the bulk of the material dating to the first half of the 20th century. Until now, however, it has not been easy to search this collection in an efficient and comprehensive way. Working with the ARTFL group at the University of Chicago, Hoyt Long has helped to develop an enhanced search interface for this collection that is now available online. Using this new interface, users will be able to do a series of complex keyword searches across the entire library, filtering by categories such as author and date. A link to the interface and instructions for use can be found below. In the months ahead, additional tutorials and information about the history and make-up of this unique collection will be posted to this site.

Aozora Search Interface

How to use Aozora Search

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