Jan 10 2014

Talks and Slides from MLA2014

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These two talks were delivered by Hoyt and Richard at the recent MLA 2014 conference in Chicago.

The Haiku Meme: Imitation and Influence in American Modernism (slides) [session #155]

Who is Thomas Curtis Clark? Modernist Networks of Exclusion (slides) [session #233]

Thank you to Andrew Goldstone (Rutgers), Amy Hungerford (Yale), Matthew Jockers (Nebraska), Andrew Piper (McGill), Haun Saussy (Chicago), and Ted Underwood (Illinois) for making these such rich and productive sessions. Andrew Piper’s paper on “The Wertherian Exotext” can be found at his website. The responses by Ted and Haun to¬† our first session on “Literature at the Macroscale” can be found here and here. Slides for Andrew Goldstone’s talk, as well as a description of our second panel on “Seeing with Numbers,” are also up here.

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