Leonard Linsky Memorial Conference: On Philosophy of Language and Early Analytic Philosophy

LLMC posterNovember 2 – 3, 2013
Franke Institute for the Humanities
Regenstein Library, Room S-102

Contact Bill Tait for more information and to RSVP: williamtait@mac.com

Sponsored by Alexandra Bellow, the Franke Institute of Humanities, Humanities Division, Department of Linguistics, Department of Philosophy.

Sessions will last for one hour. Talks will normally be 50 minutes or less, with the remaining time for discussion. There will be a co ffee break of 15 minutes between sessions.

Saturday, November 2
8:15-8:50  Continental Breakfast

8:50-9:00   Opening Remarks

Chair: Chris Kennedy (UofC)
Speaker: Ken Taylor (Stanford)
Title: “Toward a Metaphysically Modest Semantics”

Chair: Cora Diamond (University of Virginia)
Speaker: Thomas Ricketts (Pittsburgh)
Title: “Frege’s Introduction of Value-ranges: a Reading of
Grundgesetze x10 and xx29-31”

Chair: Michael Kremer (UofC)
Speaker: Erich Reck (UCR)
Title: “Frege’s Project: Realist Analysis or Pragmatist Explication?”

12:30-1:30  Lunch

Chair: Marko Malink (UofC)
Speaker: Peter Hylton (UIC)
Title: “Significance in Quine”

Chair: Jim Conant (UofC)
Speaker: Warren Goldfarb (Harvard)
Title: “Wittgenstein against Logicism”

Chair: Anubav Vasudevan (UofC)
Speaker: Bernard Linsky (University of Alberta)
Title: “Leonard Linsky on Russell against Meinong”

5:00-6:30 Reception

Sunday, November 3
8:45-9:15 Continental Breakfast

Chair: Bill Tait (UofC)
Speaker: Steve Gerrard (Williams):
Title: “Leonard Linsky as Teacher”

Chair: Josef Stern (UofC)
Speaker: Robin Jeshion (USC)
Title: “Predicativism and Referentialism about Proper Names”

Chair: Jason Bridges (UofC)
Speaker: Tyler Burge (UCLA)
Title: “Perception: Origins of Mind”

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