Language Research is always worth a story!

Sep 18th 2016:

Lenore and UChicago colleague Salikoko Mufwene feature in an article about the use of apps for language preservation and revitalization in the Scientific American

June 23rd 2016:

Doro gives some thought to the structure of Dreamtime Narratives in Aboriginal Australia.

April 27th 2016: 

Doro muses about how to answer “Where is Doro?” in English and Australian Languages.

January 2016

We are happy to welcome Dr. Li He who will join the research group for the entire year 2016. Li got her Ph.D. from Minzu University of China and is working on language policy and planning, endangered languages in China, language contact and language acquisition. Welcome, Li we are looking forward to your time here with us!

February 26th 2015:

Lenore’s keynote address at ICLDC4:  “The hitchhiker’s guide to documentation: communicative practices, cultural competence and proficiency guidelines”

January 19th 2015: 

Lenore is featured in an article on “Indigenous and political leaders to gather, talk about language”.

October 29th 2014: 

Lenore’s keynote address for Humanities Day 2014 is available on youtube: “Languages in Danger: Why should we care?”

June 10th 2013

Doro thinks about how fieldwork, running and linguistic research connect.

July 2nd 2012: 

Lenore’s conference on “Revitalization: Definitions and Approaches”.

December 16th 2011: 

Linguist Lenore Grenoble helps rescue Arctic languages from extinction.