Monthly Archive for February, 2010

Kant on Intuition

This conference will bring together a number of leading German and American philosophers to discuss the interpretation and significance of Kant’s conception of an intuition, with special reference to the readings of Kant on this issue put forward by Wilfrid Sellars, Robert Pippin, and John McDowell, and with special attention to the following three questions: (1) what is an intuition?, (2) what role, if any, do our conceptual capacities play in the constitution of intuitions?, and (3) what significance do Kant’s answers to questions (1) and (2) have for contemporary debates in the philosophy of perception?

Core participants:

  • Matthew Boyle
  • James Conant
  • Stefanie Grüne
  • Johannes Haag
  • Andrea Kern
  • Thomas Land
  • John McDowell
  • Robert Pippin
  • Sebastian Rödl
  • Justin Shaddock
  • Pirmin Stekeler

The format of this conference will be as follows: the papers will be distributed in advance, and rather than the authors reading their papers at the workshop, our sessions will be devoted entirely to discussion, with each author responding to questions and objections.  Participants from outside the University of Chicago are asked to register with Simone Chambers (  Participants from the University of Chicago will be able to download the papers from this website.