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Schedule of Events

Eighth Japan at Chicago Conference Schedule

Friday, May 21, 2010

1:00:  Panel One:  Popular Music as Engaged, Popular Music as Commodity

Chair:  Michael Bourdaghs (University of Chicago)

Paper presenters:

James Dorsey (Dartmouth College):  “Breaking Records: Media, Censorship, and the Political Folk Music Movement in 1960s Japan”

Christine R Yano (University of Hawaii):  “Time Warp: Misora Hibari Sings the Jet Age Blues”

Michael Molasky (Hitotsubashi University):  “Sites of Sound: Shifting Perceptions of Jazz in Postwar Japan”

Discussant:  Kaley Mason (University of Chicago)

3:00:  Coffee break

3:30  Film Screening

6:30:   Alan Merrill (musician):  “Alien in Tokyo” (moderated by Michael Bourdaghs)

7:30:  Film Screening:  The Golden Cups:  One More Time! (2004, dir. San Ma Meng, 130 min.):  35mm. with English subtitles

9:45:  Roundtable discussion:

Eddie Ban (The Golden Cups)

Louise Louis Kabe (The Golden Cups)

Mamoru Manu (The Golden Cups)

Michael Bourdaghs

James Dorsey

Reginald Jackson

Saturday, May 22, 2010

10:00:  Panel Two:  Engaging Cinematic Commodities

Chair:  Michael Raine (University of Chicago)

Paper presenters:

Junji Yoshida (University of Chicago):  “Seduction of Cynicism: War Memories and Japanese Group Sounds Films”

Stephanie DeBoer (Indiana University):  “From Technology Transfer to Commodity Circulation: Coeval Geographies and Tokyo/Hong Kong Musicals”

Richard Davis (University of Chicago):  “This Face for Rent: Advertising, Space, and Subjectivity in the Japanese New Wave”

Discussant:  Michael Fisch (University of Chicago)

1:30:  Panel Three:  Radical Visual Culture in 1960s Japan

Chair:  Chelsea Foxwell (University of Chicago)

Paper presenters:

Jonathan M Hall (Pomona College):  “Group Sounds, Group Sex: Syncopating Social Movements in Okabe Michio’s Crazy Love

William Marotti (UCLA):  “Improvisations, Agitations, and Failures: Art in the Streets, Tokyo, ca. 1960”

Miryam Sas (University of California-Berkeley):   “Animation Experiments 1960s”

Discussant:  Steven Ridgely (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

3:30:  Coffee break

4:00 Panel Four:  Music in Film

Chair:  Junji Yoshida (University of Chicago)

Paper presenters:

Daniel Johnson (University of Chicago): “Nikkatsu’s Diamond Line and Changing Film Culture of the 1960s”

Michael Raine (University of Chicago):  “Abe Kōbō and the Tōhō Musical as sōgō geijutsu

Junko Yamazaki (University of Chicago): “Scoring the Boundaries of Film Music: Toshirō Mayuzumi’s ‘Unresolved Dissonance’”

Discussant:  Reginald Jackson (University of Chicago)

8:00  Film Screening

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