Program Workshop Chicago April 1

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Workshop April 1st

Venue: Regenstein Library Room 122

Writing Trans-regional Intellectual History and the Rediscovery of Early Modern Indo-Persian Philology

A Neubauer Collegium research initiative

With the support of the Franke Institute for the Humanities

RSVP via the Neubauer Collegium website

Hosted by Thibaut d’Hubert (SALC, U of C) and Alexandre Papas (CNRS, Paris)

Discussant: Sunil Sharma (Boston University)

2.oopm Welcome address

2.15pm Thibaut d’Hubert: Echoes of an Authorial Voice: Jāmī’s Reception and the Study of Authorship in Muslim Literary Cultures

2.35pm Alexandre Papas: Jāmī and Sufism: Routes and Paths of a Spiritual Legacy

2.55pm Q & A

3.15pm Sunil Sharma: Approaching Jāmī through Visual Culture

3.45pm Q & A

4.00pm Coffee break

4.20pm Roundtable discussion about the forthcoming handbook on the conception and reception of Jāmī’s oeuvre

Working title – Jāmī and the Intellectual History of the Muslim World: The Trans-regional Reception of ‘Abd al-Rahmān Jāmī’s Works, c. 9th/15th-14th/20th

4.40pm Thibaut d’Hubert: Jāmī and the commentarial tradition of South Asia

5.00pm Introduction to the structure of the online corpus of Persian commentaries from South Asia

5.20pm Closing remarks

5.45pm Reception

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