Conference in Paris


Thursday: Chicago Paris Center, 6 Rue Thomas Mann,  75013, Paris

Friday: Site Cardinal Lemoine, Salle Claude Lévi-Strauss, 52 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005, Paris

Thursday and Friday, November 14-15

DAY 1 – Chicago Paris Center

9.30 Welcoming coffee and address

10.00 Keynote: Francis Richard: Jāmī and his Immediate Success in the Middle East: the Rapid Diffusion of the Manuscripts of his Works

Jāmī and Islamic Mysticism

Chair: Maria Szuppe

10.30 Alexandre Papas: Turkic Addenda to the Nafahāt al-Uns: Notes on Ottoman and Chaghatay Manuscripts

11.00 Discussion

11.15 Break

11.30 Alexey A. Khismatulin: Jāmi’s Statement on the Authorship of the Anis al-Tālibin

12.00 Marc Toutant: Evaluating Jāmī’s Influence on Nawā’ī’s Poetry: the Case Studies of the Khiradnāmah-i iskandarī and the Sadd-i iskandarī (part 2)

12.30 Discussion

12.45 Lunch Chicago Paris Center

The Diffusion of Jāmī’s Works from Middle East to China

Chair:  Thierry Zarcone

2.00 Ertuğrul Ökten: ‘Abd al-Rahmān Jāmī’s Conception of Language

2.30 Florian Schwarz: Teaching Jāmī between Kurdistan, Syria and the Haramayn

3.00 Rebecca Gould: Teimuraz I’s Iosebzilixiani and Georgian-Persianate Literary Culture

3.30 Discussion

3.45 Break

4.00 Ralph Kauz: ‘Abd al-Rahmān Jāmī in the Context of Sufi Missionary Work in Ming China

4.30 Yiming Shen: Introduction and Brief Comparison of Jāmī’s two Original Texts and their Chinese Translations

5.00 Discussion

5.15 Reception


DAY 2 – Collège de France

Use and Usage of Jāmī’s Poetics

Chair: Eve Feuillebois

9.30 Paul Losensky: Utterly Fluent, but Seldom Fresh: Jāmī’s Literary Reception among the Safavids

10.00 Justine Landau: Sour Honey: Jāmī’s Recasting of Philosophical Poetics

10.30 Mikko Viitamäki: Selecting and Recreating Jāmīʼs Ghazals for Qawwali Performance

11.00 Discussion

11.15 Break

11.30 Franklin Lewis: To Round and Rondeau the Canon: Jāmī and Fānī’s Reception of the Persian Lyrical Tradition

12.00 Ryan Perkins: The Vernacularization of Persian into Pashto and Jāmī’s Yūsuf and Zulaikhā

12.30 Discussion

12.45 Lunch

Maulānā Jāmī in South and Southeast Asia

Chair: Françoise ‘Nalini’ Delvoye

2.00 Muzaffar Alam: Jāmī in Indo-Muslim World, c. Sixteenth-Nineteenth Centuries

2.30 Ayesha Irani: When ʿIshq Met Prema: Jāmī’s Yūsuf va Zulaykhā in Early Modern Bengal

3.00 Thibaut d’Hubert: Foundational Mahabbat-nāmas: The Reception of Jāmī’s Yūsuf u Zulaikhā in Bengal (16th-19th c. A.D.) (part 2)

3.30 Discussion

3.45 Break

4.00 Luther Obrock: Creating a Śaiva Yūsuf wa Zulaykhā: Theology and Translation in Śrīvara’s Kathākautuka

4.30 Mohamad Nasrin Nasir: Abdul Rahmān Nūruddīn al-Jāmī in Sufi Writings in Malay

5.00 Paul Wormser: The Recreation of Jāmī’s Works in the Malay World in the 16th and 17th Centuries

5.30 Discussion

5.45 Final remarks

6.00 Reception Collège de France

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