9:15-10:00       Registration and Breakfast

10:00-11:45     Panel I: Race, Ancestors and Human Rights

11:45-12:45      Lunch

12:45-2:00       Panel II: Art and the New Sciences

2:00-2:15          Break

2:15-4:00          Panel III: DNA, Bounded Subjecs, Law and Human Rights

4:00-4:15          Break

4:15-6:00          Panel IV: Borders, Boundaries and Security

6:00-6:30          Summary remarks for the day


9:00                      Gathering, coffee and light breakfast

9:30-11:15          Panel V: Bioethics, Citizneship and Human Rights

11:15-11:30         Break

11:30-12:30       Open Discussion on Pedagogical Approaches to the New

                                Sciences and Human Rights: How to Teach About Emerging


12:30-1:30         Lunch

1:30-2:30           Roundtable Discussion: Where from Here?

2:30-3:00          Summary Remarks